Case Studies

Futures Consulting has helped many clients achieve high performance within their organization. We are constantly searching for new innovative ways of creating solutions and establishing lasting relationships with clients.

Futures Consulting is genuinely interested in client success. Our strategic planning achievements include:

  • Directing a Strategic Planning Process for a major international agricultural firm where the vision became profitable through cost containment and employee engagement.
  • Leading a group of 15 CEO’s through a six-month process of Strategic Plan Development. This addressed Operational Strategy, Finance, Sales and Marketing, and Human Resources.  As a result, each CEO was able to create a 3-year Strategic Plan.
  • Facilitating the Strategic Planning Process for cross-functional teams in industries such as, manufacturing, professional services, sales and marketing, utilities, and product development.
  • Supporting Strategic Plans for six CEO’s with ongoing organizational reconstruction.
  • Participating as a member of three Strategic Planning Teams for divisions of a Fortune 100 company.