“The first team of which we’re a member is our family. Determining how well our family functions in this aspect will, in large measure, forecast our own team behavior.”
– Lin O’Neill

Futures Consulting provides individual and team coaching to maximize your organization’s performance, redirect behavior, and meet personal and organizational goals.

The Futures Consulting coaching process is a collaborative effort based on assessments, behavioral observations, feedback and individual development plans. Coaching can reveal employee issues and allow your organization to improve productivity and profits. We offer the following coaching services:

Leadership Development

A leader’s success is essential to your organization’s strategic implementation. Leaders motivate the rest of the employees to follow the vision, monitor them and at the same time are required to excellently perform on their individual tasks. We aid in creating a transition plan for new leaders to adjust into their new position, we help spot outstanding leaders that will become an important factor in the transformation process and we provide consulting for specific employee conflicts.

For example, Futures Consulting helps leaders address high maintenance employees. Our coaching approach is based on a proven action strategy that will turn an employee from high maintenance to high performance. A high maintenance employee consuming time and costing the company real dollars can become an asset and not a detriment.

Each high maintenance employee can cost an organization from $20,000 to $100,000 in lost productivity, turnover, disruptions and employee dissatisfaction. However, coaching can make a real difference. We understand there are many reasons why employees are high maintenance – perhaps they are in the wrong position, lack a connection to the vision of the company, or the organization’s recognition system is ineffective for the employee.

Team Member Engagement

Teams are often thrown together hastily in response to urgent problems and then left to succeed without further direction. This causes stress and can paralyze a team, cause conflict, or result in poor decision making.

Futures Consulting takes teams from conflict to cooperation, and most importantly productiveness. High performance teams can contribute directly to your organization’s profitability and increase employee morale. Futures Consulting analyzes what is keeping your team from working at its best and addresses each issue with a detailed plan for implementation.