The Futures Consulting strategic process includes strategic planning, strategy implementation and management of strategy. The three areas come together to provide a plan with the highest level of success for your organization.

We specialize in giving organizations the push they need to advance from areas of immobility.

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Strategic Planning

Futures Consulting can assist in taking Strategic Planning from a plan on paper to an implementation that exists in your day-to-day operations.

Futures Consulting examines leadership dynamic within your company or business to generate a strategy that can be delivered and that will withstand future problems or changes in the market. We believe analyzing the business as a whole is just as important as looking into the individual departments when creating a solidified strategy.

“All decisions are strategic. Whether or not they line up to produce desired results… that’s the real question.” – Lin O’Neil, of Futures Consulting
An effective strategic plan should increase productivity and provide a consistent basis for critical decision-making. Futures Consulting’s approach to Strategic Planning includes:
  • Formulation or clarification of a vision
  • Strategic plan development and implementation based on the business’ best practices
  • Constant focus on profitability and productivity
  • Incorporating of theory and pragmatism
  • Involvement of coaching and positive conflict resolution
  • Prioritizing “real time” feedback
  • Building a team for the “long haul” that is in search of personal and professional success

Strategy Implementation

Strategy Implementation is one of the most important factors in the strategic process. A company can have the most elaborate and thought out strategic plan, but if in the end it can’t come to life and translate into profitability and productivity, it does not serve its purpose.

Futures Consulting not only formulates a strategic plan for business growth, we’re also involved in moving that strategy forward. With affordability and effectiveness in mind, we aid businesses by becoming part of the action and ensuring the plan is carried out. Our highly experienced consultants travel to your location to unite to your main goal and ensure results promised.

“For a strategy to be realized at the cellular level of the organization, it has to get into the drinking water of the organization.” – Lin O’Neil, of Futures Consulting

Management of Strategy

It is said it takes 21 days to change a person’s habits, but to change an organization’s habits can take much more than that. If quality control is not established, small roadblocks can prevent a business from achieving the results wanted.

Futures Consulting works alongside you to monitor progress and confirm that you don’t go back to old habits that could delay business growth. We conduct quarterly visits to review strategy implementation and address new roadblocks. With the rapid market change and evolving consumer demands, management of strategy is essential to any business’ success.