Going Through the Motions

Ever had that recurring nightmare where you’re running as fast as you can, but you aren’t going anywhere? Processes in your organization can work like this, slowing or killing productivity.

Processes are meant to streamline, but your day can quickly get eaten up by all kinds of tasks.

Asking permission before acting on assignments.
Filling out reports or time sheets.
Attending unnecessary meetings.

If an organization’s focus is shifted heavily toward process, productivity may diminish and morale will likely drop.

Ask yourself these questions.

How many meetings are you having each week? Are they all necessary?
Do you have a clear vision and company goal that everyone understands?
How much employee time is spent on administrative duties like filling out reports and time sheets or answering irrelevant emails?

It boils down to priority and balance. Sometimes processes need to be reevaluated and streamlined themselves. As we change, so must those.

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