Innovation is crucial to the success of any organization in today’s business environment. Futures Consulting Innovation Workshops promote the generation of new ideas and positively encourage change.

Innovation Workshops

The Sakred Cow Experience- An Interactive Solutions Session

On a daily basis, well-intentioned groupings of individuals get together to plan for success. Sometimes the plans work, but far too often they don’t and are set aside, discarded and, at some point, replaced with the same version.


Why does this happen?

More often than not because the underlying system blockages aren’t identified and corrected.

The aim of Sakred Cow is to identify and facilitate correction of systemic blockages to organizational effectiveness and success. The Sakred Cow Experience is based on the behavioral tenet “awareness precedes change”.

They’re out there.

Herds of sacred cows grazing on your profits and choking off your productivity. Even ideas that just a few years ago made millions are now more stale than last week’s sourdough. Cows trample creative, innovative thinking. They inhibit quick response to change and cost money and time.

What is a Sacred Cow?

Sacred cow \’kaủ\n, plural sacred cows

  1. A plodding, bovine mammal of numerous stomachs and dubious intelligence regarded in some climes as holy in origin and therefore immune from ordinary treatment
  2. Business: a. An outmoded belief, assumption, practice, policy, system, or strategy, generally invisible, that inhibits change and prevents responsiveness to new opportunities
  3. An idea, person, process, approach that is unreasonably immune from criticism or opposition.


Enhance your organization’s retention of important information and its ability to achieve consensus when conflicts arise.

Humans have always created and shared stories. We use them to teach values, demonstrate work ethic and explain those situations for which we don’t have answers.

The Storytelling Workshop “frames up” the story of your organization: Past, Present and Future with the option to innovatively change perceptions regarding each.