Futures Consulting provides proven, acclaimed sessions to strengthen human performance and train your employees to adapt to change.


Exceptional Supervision—A Two Day Best Practices Workshop

Effective supervision can involve many components—making sure an organization addresses their weakest staff members and making the best of the strongest. Whether or not someone is considered a “supervisor,” if they’re responsible for the work of others, this workshop could be beneficial. Even the most seasoned manager can use a refresher on the methods of supervising others to improve work performance.

The Exceptional Supervision workshop includes the following topics:

  • Effective and purposeful communication
  • Delegation and accountability
  • Planning the best approaches for difficult situations
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Building a team that works
  • Giving recognition that is both appreciated and motivating
  • Counseling and discipline – addressing the elephants in the room

Managing High Maintenance Employees—A One Day Solutions Program

Many organization leaders often find themselves not delegating work to avoid the inevitable debate with a high maintenance employee. High maintenance employees consume valuable time and represent soft-dollar losses. They can also stymie the best strategic plans and frustrate co-workers.

This program will give managerial staff the means to deal with high maintenance employees and move toward higher productivity and performance. The program includes the following topics:

  • Identifying high maintenance employees
  • Components of the high maintenance profile
  • Addressing high maintenance employees effectively
  • Script for the “High Maintenance Conversation”

Leading Through Conflict & Chaos—A One Day Solutions Program

Conflict is natural and often required to provoke positive change, but it can also paralyze an organization. It frequently occurs when unexpected changes arise. This program uses conflict and chaos to further an organization’s progress and lead employees with confidence. The program includes the following topics:

  • Keeping an eye on the prize
  • Developing an effective conflict resolution style
  • Involving employees in the conflict resolution process
  • Solving problems and working through the chaos

Facilitating Successful Meetings—A One Day Solutions Program

Meetings can be the most productive part of an employee’s day— or the part they dread the most. Capable meeting facilitation is a skill that can determine career success and bring goals into focus. The most effective meetings use both leadership and facilitation. This program combines theory, and more importantly, the practice of leading successful meetings. The program includes the following topics:

  • Staying on point throughout the meeting
  • Meeting styles that really work
  • Resolving conflict successfully
  • Who does what and when
  • Why facilitation is key to productive meetings

Why Employees Leave—A One Day Solutions Programs

Discovering the real reason why employees leave can come as a big surprise to many organization leaders. Not to mention, the training process for new employees that can be costly and can have a 6-18 month learning curve for even the best and brightest, according to research. This program focuses on how to keep star employees and benefit from a seasoned work force and a stable work environment. The session covers retention secrets and mysteries that will help organizations maintain the reputation of having employee loyalty and longevity.